Unable to burn 2.5GB iso



Hi folks,

I’m having some bother burning a 2.5GB data ISO using nero ( It keeps telling me that it couldn’t start disc-at-once.

Any ideas what could be causing this?



If I’ve correctly interpreted your question, you are trying to burn adisc in ISO format and to put in it a 2,5 GB file. If it’s the case, the error is due to ISO format limitations: ISO format don’t allow files so big. I don’t remember :doh: the exact maximum file dimensions allowed, maybe 2 GB, but 2,5 GB are too much.

Try to split the file into two o more smaller files.


Not sure what you mean, geno888, I have made 4 GB iso’s with CloneDVD and burned them to DVD.


I wish you had told me that before I burnt some >4Gb ISOs using Nero!


Just had an idea, I’ll mount the ISO then have nero take all the files from the mounted drive and create a UDF file, then try burning that.



That worked lots :frowning:

Same problem again.



How did you create the ISO? Does it contain a ISO or UDF filesystem? Is it in raw or data only format.

I am myself struggling with how to burn an data ISO (2048 bytes blocks) with an UDF filesystem on a DVD. I currently use Nero Express, but will try with the big program.

If you succeed in solving the problem, please post the solution here.



I always use DVD Decryptyer to burn image files. It can do conversions on the fly if the format isn’t quite right.


Sorry, english is not my primary language.

I intended that is not possible put a file so large on a compilation if someone burn a dvd in ISO MODE, not was referring to a file on hard disc with an .ISO extension.

Maybe nero refer that is not possible burn that compilation because RSimpson attempted to put a 2,5 GB file on a iso MODE compilation.