Unable to build Global-image with RecordNow Max

I had version 4.10 that was upgraded to 4.50 and that worked fine, then I got a hold of a full v4.50 and wanted to see if there was any features that weren’t installed with the upgrade. Well now i get this error message “Copying this type of disc is not supported”.

RecordNow will not let me build a global-image of any DVD (dvd-rom, DVD-r, nor dvd-rw), whether it’s one that is copy protected, one I burned myself , a movie or a ps2 game. Any help here would be good. Oh I have a optorite dd0203 dvd burner.

I uninstalled and reinstalled like 10 times now. I went as far as using a registry program where it searched for all registry entries that had recordnow or stomp, and I deleted them, then reinstalled again. No luck.

I tried to update the pxengine with the following versions in order: versions 358, 408, 500, and 507, none worked.

I know I can use the other programs, I just like and preferred this one.

This might help other that might have this problem.

I solved the problem: no matter how many times i uninstalled and re-installed recordnow max, the pxengine update does not get deleted. So every time I installed Recordnow, the pxengine would be at 507, which I found was the culprit. I keep giving me the error, not supporting dvd of any type. Installing lower versions of the pxengine on top of the newer one will not overwrite it. So I deleted these files which I found to be associated with the pxengine: px.dll, pxdrv.dll, pxhpinst.exe, pxmas.dll, pxwave.dll, pxwma.dll, pxhelp20.pnf, pxhelp20.sys, and pxhelp20.inf. I found that pxengine500.exe worked fine. Now I can build global-images again!

From this I can probably say that pxengine507 that is supplied by sonic will not let you build a global-image of any dvd.