Unable to back up Mama Mia amd HSM3 CSS Error

I am having problems backing up my Mana Mia and HSM3 DVDs wih DVD FAB Platinum which I purchased 2 weeks ago. I am getting the error “This disk contains CSS protection. This version of DVDFab platinum cannot copy it.”

Where do I get hold of the upgrades that we are supposed to have access to? :eek:

There is a link to download the latest version ( in the release announcement thread, you can also download it from the DVDFab.com website. You have the non-CSS version, which for some reason is still linked in the key email from Avangate. If you purchased two weeks ago, you will need to download a new key for v6 as well. The automated system for this is on the Support tab on the DVDFab.com website. There is no charge.

Fantastic!! This now works. Thanks for the tip!:bow: