Unable to attach files to posts? (Edit: resolved)



Howdy howdy. :slight_smile:

There are a few reports that members haven’t been able to upload & attach files to posts.

I am able to verify that this is true for me as well; trying to attach a PDF (similar to one already available on the forum) and a JPEG (of reasonable dimensions) both silently failed.

It might have something to do with us trying to beef up security, but I’m not sure.

Previous reports: http://club.myce.com/f181/post-photo-you-have-taken-125117/index55.html#post2776176


I also tried to upload a few images and that didnt work.
So it appears that we have an issue.


Unfortunately this happened due to too strict security settings. I’ve emailed our web hosting company to make sure this works again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Testing attachment upload


As you can see, it works again :wink:


Indeed it does. Thanks, JW. :slight_smile:


Great, just a tad too late for my current post which have the images hosted off-site as I thought it was going to last and did want to post what I had ready since yesterday, no worries though, I have several as when there are way to many, I host it off-site on the same server anyway :slight_smile: