Unable to access www.torrentleech.org

A couple of hours ago this was a great private site…now it seems to be a search engine of some sort??? :sad:


apparently othet people are having no probs…so before you rip me for being a dumbass imagine your fear if you could not get to your favorite site… :o

Now i`m running spyware and trying to figure WTF?? :a

From my end, I don’t see any sort of search engine from the above site besides a ‘browse’ tab, however if I click on this, I get a request for logon details, which I assume is the private site you’re intending to access. From what I can see, you probably have a hijacked hosts file, where that website is being mapped to the IP address of the fake site you are getting instead. :rolleyes:

Before you try and repair the hosts file, you will need to remove the spyware from your PC, since chances are that it will keep modifying the hosts file each time it is repaired. I would suggest using Spybot or the Windows AntiSpyware software.

Once you eliminate the spyware issue, then you should be able to repair your hosts file. Click start -> run, type in the following (for Windows XP) and click ‘OK’:

notepad c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

In the Notepad window that appears, delete everything besides the lines that begin with a ‘#’ or ‘’. Anything else in the hosts file is usually the result of a modification from spyware or something else trying to hijack certain websites on your PC. Save this and exit Notepad. If you get an error such as “Cannot create the hosts file”, click start -> run, type in the following command, click ‘OK’ and then try saving the Notepad text. The following command removes the ‘read-only’ flag status (if present) on the hosts file:

attrib -r c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Now, try going back to TorrentLeach to see if can get in. :wink: If you still have issues, then there your PC is still infected with some spyware or a Virus/Trojan of some sort.

exactly the case sean :clap:

thanks for the insight :iagree: :bow: :iagree: :clap:

Did you ever get your issue taken care of earlbert?

So did the spyware come from the torrentleech site?

not sure were the spyware came from…probably not torrent leech though… I assume it was the software company whose home page i was directed to…and yes editing host files did solve the problem…thanks again

Can maybe someone help me too?
There are already a couple of days since I get just the same annoying page “The page cannot be displayed” when I try to access torrentleech.org .
What could be my problem?
Please help

Hi. From yesterday i cant get to torrentleech. It says 403 Forbiden, you have been baned. Also at the forum. The reason says is: none. Anyone know about that.

i believe that happens if you only leech and dont seed…

Yes, but i didnt only leech and no warning has been given to me. Im not new at this great site. So if they only told me reason i could accept it, but this way isnt quite appropriate.

i can’t access it at this moment
anyone have the same problem?

It’s working on my end :slight_smile:

it’s working now too

Works on my end too :slight_smile:

I’d also like to get into that site… heard its pretty good. :smiley:

TY VERY MUCH SEAN NOW I CAN OPEN TORRENTLECH :bow: :cop: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :smiley: :smiley: :iagree:

Does anyone have an invite to torrentleach that they’d like to share?

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hmmm… Can anyone help me… suddenly i got the 403 forbidden ip banned message, but i havent done anything to get banned…
I had a really good ratio and everything…

To me, this may indicate that your ISP has assigned you a dynamic IP address and the current IP you’ve been assigned at the moment has been abused either by a spammer or someone else. One way to check is to go to DNSStuff and pop your IP into the “Spam database lookup”. The website shows your IP address at the upper right of the screen in the form x.x.x.x On the results page, have a look for red highlighted fields. The one “SORBS-DUHL” will generally mention if it is a dynamic IP. If this particular field just shows something like “Primary NS = …”, then your IP is a static IP.

If your IP shows as dynamic, generally a simple method to overcome this is to get your router to obtain a new IP address. A simple way to do this is to unplug your router for several seconds and plug it back in. Alternatively, go into the router’s configuration and look for an option to renew the IP. Once powered back up, try going back to Torrent Leech again.

Unfortunately, if your IP does not renew after the router reboot, you may need to wait several days for your IP to automatically renew. For example, in Ireland, some ISPs such as Eircom generally always issue a new IP when the router is rebooted, however some other ISPs will keep issuing the same IP for 24 hours or longer.