Unable to Access Hidden Files

I am running WindowsXP Pro, and have 2 IDE Hard drives. On my storage drive I had several hidden folder’s.

I reformatted the main drive, reinstalled Windows XP. Now when I try and access the files in the Hidden folder’s on the storage drive it tells me that they cannot be accesed.

I can browse the folder’s, but if i try and run or copy a file it will not do it, and say’s that it cannot be accessed.

Is there anyway I can fix this? Or are the files lost for good?

Thanks for the help, and if you need more information just let me know.

i would suggest trying to get them from dos - as i haven’t the slightest why you cant get them from winxp.

Also try moving the HDD to another comp and conect it as slave.


Do I even have dos with WinXP? I will try and boot to it, but i thought windows did away with it.

It is connected as a slave in the one it is in now, but I will put it in my external enclosure and see if one of the other computers in the house can do anything with th files.

Thanks for the tips so far, I will let you know if any of them work (hopefully).

Don’t know if this will help or not. Take a look at it.


i remember seeing this sort of problem a few months ago and the fix was to allow sharing of the drive or files on the drive

All that should be required is to take ownership of the drives and all it’s contents.

See this thread.

If they are not system folder, you can try to take ownership of the folders, from there, give yourself full access permission to the folders. It will not help moving the hd to another computer as it is formated in NTFS. Most system folder can not be deleted.

You can also delete the folders over a network as long as you are a system administrator.

Thanks for the help.

Those 2 links sound exactly like my problem. I am at work now, but I will try the solutions given when I get home. I am confident that that will solve my issues.

Again, thanks for the help