Unable to access data from cdrw

Hey all

Hope someone can help.

I recently formatted my machine and copied all my documents onto disc using Nero. I now cannot access any of the information on both the discs. My software is identical to previously installed. Only thing I can think of now is that the info was somehow burnt incorrectly onto the discs - any ideas how to retrieve all my stuff. Word comes up with tiny little boxes, excel is in an unrecognizable format, zip files have nothing to retrieve, and my access and adobe files are also not accessible!!!



Have a look at this thread as its pretty similiar, if nothing helps there just post back and we’ll try to be of more help.

Thanks for that

Have read through the whole thing and will give the suggested downloads a go. Basically I can access the files from the disc and copy them back onto my hard drive but I just cant open them. First I thought it was an office xp problem, then a visual basics problem (as I previously had VB installed), now I think it was a burning problem, however, all files that I had copied over from another computer I can access, its just the ones that I did on this machine … anyways will keep you posted. Thanks again for the help - I have joined two other forums and this one is the first that I have had a reply to …

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