Unable to access CD Drive

I am unable to access my cd drive. I had someone look at it and they could not figure out the problem so they suggested that the drive is probably bad so I went out and purchased a new one. I did that and is having the same problem. When I go into device manager there is an exclamation point in yellow at the beginning of the drive description. I uninstalled and re-installed on the old cd drive and my new drive several times and met with the same results. Can anyone give me a couple of ideas that I can try???.. Thanks in advance…Adub:confused:

Yeah uninstall the driver with the exclamation! reboot and let windows reinstall new driver…sounds like window issue … ps have u tryed a registry repair tool like tuneup2007?

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I tried the reboot several times and when ever windows retrieve the drive it still show up with the yello exclamation point. It is doing it with the new drive I bought today just like the old one which is telling me that it is not a problem with the drive. I will try the tune up repair and let you know if that works… Thanks again.

I went to the repair tool and it prompted me to download a program called REGCURE. When my system got infected 5 days ago I was prompted to download REGCURE while my PC was infected, I did and it was unable to fix my problems. I have since reinstalled my whole system hoping that would fix all of the problems. Everything was fixed with the exception of my CD Drive. I was told that there may be a problem with the drive itself so I went out and bought another one and is still having the same problem. Any more suggestions???

Ok if your system was infected a regcure wont fix a virus. That may infact be your problem. A memory resident perhaps ect…? Try spyware doctor or one recomended by a reputable pc magazine for a proper virus removal program first.

www.tune-up.com is the proper site the earlier is mistake my apologies STEVE

on further thought what utility did u use to find virus and which one? I also wonder if you replaced the cable with new cd or dvd drive?

Could be boot vitrus?? Don’t thik it would show with virus scan. Verify in settings in cdrw, make sure DMA is checked-mine wasn’t. If a yellow exclamation point is there it should list conflict information or am I wrong. Don’t know what operating system you are using. Can you go start/programs/accessories/system tools/system information. Run your system information and see what has changed and what drivers are there. Under device manager cdrw properties does it show firmware number at top and target id of #1.
An excellent program to read everything on your computer is AIDA32, do a google search as it’s old but excellent…

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the problem you reported in your initial post is covered by this MSKB-article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314060

Because of the wrong link posted in #3 you followed, you system might now be running some spyware or even worse. In that case you should consider a clean reinstall after backing up your data.


Corrected that spyware (or whatever was on it) link.

do you see any error codes in device manager?

Error message 1
The device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device (Code 31).
Error message 2
A driver for this device was not required, and has been disabled (Code 32 or Code 31).
Error message 3
Your registry might be corrupted. (Code 19)
• You receive an “error code 39” error message.
• A message that resembles the following appears in the notification area:
Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)

delete upper lower filters by microsoft


Great News…Thank you very much michael for providing me the link that corrected the problem. You are a God send. This is my first experience with this site and I must say that the willingness of ppl wanting to help is admirable. Thanks every one that has lent their hands… Adub. :bow: :clap: :bigsmile:

Hi,[QUOTE=ULTIMATE_0069;1935531]Great News…Thank you very much michael for providing me the link that corrected the problem.[/QUOTE]You’re welcome! Fine you’re up and runnig again :slight_smile: