Un-smooth Burn. Why?

I burned a full 700mb svcd bin/cue at 24x.
I was using japanese fuji 48x cdr’s, and a Liteon 40x cd burner p-cav mode.
All my hardware runs in dma mode.

Why does my burn look like this? is it my hardware, or the disc? you can see the circle where the burn speed decreased.
consequently, the movie was unplayable on my pc, because of major damaged sectors.
I was doing nothing else on the pc while I was burning this.

(I later reburned at 20x, and there was no speed dip, and the movie played fine.)

Your drive may be downshifting the burn speed at that point, which causes the banding. That, in and of itself, should not cause playback problems. Although sometimes you will see that banding with P-Cav discs that are darker like the TY, but without knowing the actual burn speed during the burn, it’s hard to say. Scan the disc with Kprobe and see what it shows. Otherwise, burn at 16x, which WILL cause banding (normal).

is that burned all the way or just 250mb!? if that has been burned all the way then no wonder it doesnt work, it looks barely burned after that.

and that doesnt look liky TY it looks like old pioneer 8x cdrs to be honest. TY is meant to look green and then gold once burned. put a strong light on it and scan the disc again so we can see what it looks like.

it’s a full 700mb burn on TY disc.

Most of my other burns don’t produce bands/links at 20-24x speed, though they are usually mode1 burns.

That is why I’m just trying to figure out why there was a semi-buffer underrun and drastic speed dip while I was doing nothing else on the pc while burning this disc.

I see no cause for error. But this burn was horrible. I didn’t even bother finishing the scandisc, as you can see the red already:

this actually happened on 2 separate burns of this svcd.

I wonder if my drive is failing, or if these discs are just so bad…
or if my burner just doesn’t like to burn mode2 at fast speeds.

Reburn at 20x worked 100%. Hmmmmmmm. There must be an explanation. :confused:

I always burn my VCDs/SVCDs at about 12x (I heard that it improves playability).