looking at these drives benq 1620,benq 1620 pro,benq 1640,nec 3520, nec 3540
input please pros/cons. forgive me but i am a newbie at this stuff.

So far, a lot of people are unhappy with the current firmwares for the newest drives. But if you only use high quality, name brand media, there isn’t much difference, except for the software and features included with the different drives. After the firmwares become available for the 1640 and 3540 (which should be soon), they should be just as good as the 1620 and 3520. Personally, I would take any one of the drives you have listed. Whichever is the cheapest price!!!

Sound advice there. I’ve recently got a 1620Pro (available & cheap) & no complaints so far.

Non OEM BenQ 1620. More stable Drive and firmware. Also many options to hack firmware.

My vote would go overwhelmingly to the NEC 3520. See my scans and score for the logic behind my choice.

Hey chas… What happened to Excelsior in your profile? Also my vote for the BenQ can be backed up by all the 99 scores being posted as of late on that thread. Check out crossg’s posts. He’s kicking ASS with a bunch of 99’s. Sorry Buddy, but I haven’t seen that out of the NEC’s. Not even my 3500’s.:sad:

do all of these drives have a two stage led green for read and red for writing???


nec is green only, don`t own a benq

thank’s ako for that info. now all i need is benq:)

My BenQ 1620 is this way.

The difference between us has to do with our media choices. The stuff I use is much better on NEC and much worse on BenQ. As well, I am hesitant to recommend a drive with such a high rate of DOA unless the person is fully aware of the possibility they may have to pay additional shipping for an RMA.

To all those with great experience with BenQ, I don’t need to hear about it. The defect is real and obviously, it doesn’t effect all the drives. In my opinion, it would be unethical to recommend a drive like this without disclosing the potential problem. In any case, for my media, the NEC is a better drive.

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Hey chas… I’m with ya all the way in giving ALL info pertinant to the drive. But these days, it seems that all the Mfg’s. of drives have fallen a bit short on QC which sucks. That goes for NEC also. That 40 model certainly wasn’t golden around the board as the 1620 wasn’t either. The money mongruels have sucked it up at our expence. So I’ll add this to my statement. IF your lucky enough to get a good 1620, you’ll be a happy camper as I am.


I agree. Even with the problems, I would rather use the BenQ over the Pioneer and I probably won’t own a 3540.