Un-closed DirectCD

My friend gave me a CD with some stuff on it that he had written with direct CD and said that he didn’t close the disc because there was plenty of space left on it.

I don’t have directCD, and nothing I have tried will read the disc. What can i do?

I don’t know what version of DirectCD your friend is using, but it’s probably not one of the latest ones. Version 5 has a UDF reader installed on the disk, which can be automatically installed on another computer without the reader.

If you had Roxio (Adaptec) DirectCD installed on your computer, you could read it, so I assume that you don’t.

If you go to UDF VOLUME READER, at the bottom of the page you will find an explanation:

This file is for users that do not own a copy of Easy CD Creator and just want to read discs that have been written in UDF.

Read about how the files works and download and install udfread_v501-191_inst.exe. If your CD-ROM is multiread compliant (able to read CD-RW disks), you should be able to read the disk. Otherwise, use your burner if you have one.