Ummm..... doors usually have door knobs or handles

It looks like the new Prez is a little confused. It seems he thinks windows are doors. :doh: It is good to see he is human after all. :wink:

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:)) We should give him an accommodation time :smiley: But it’s a funny thing being the president and not finding the door…

I am sure there are people not many that would show him the exit door it they could. I am not one of them.

[QUOTE=samlar;2221965]I am sure there are people not many that would show him the exit door it they could. I am not one of them.[/QUOTE]

… yet? :wink:

He is taking one hell of a gamble with what he is promoting legislatively. He will either be our hero or run out of office on a rail in 2012. I don’t think their will be much middle ground for him or the Democrats.

The good thing about it is he is the first president who said just that if it does not work he should be.

This is easy for him to say now. Let’s see if he says the same thing in four years if his plans don’t work. I am starting to see a general repeat of Clinton’s first two years in office. He has two years to show an improvement in the economy or he could lose control of the House and/or Senate to the Republicans. Either way he is gambling big on massive spending and huge budget deficits getting us out of this mess. Since this is a big part of what caused the problems I don’t see more of the same helping much. Time will tell who is right.

…and what’s the point of this thread? Pointless and useless

I watched his inauguration speech on tv and he said he may not able to fix the crisis in one four year term and ask everyone to join him together fixing ‘your’ country. Economist and analyst around the world have forecast since months ago whoever be the president, he will need more than four years.

I thought the post was to make fun of our new president which I am sure he can take. I am an Obama fan but I still think we can make fun of him when he does something like this.