Umedisc started offering BD-R media



off topic: thia9 just posted the test results of Umedisc’s DL media with their own MID code.


Scary, very scary. :eek:


If it helps to drop the BD-R price - why not :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Womi;2472065]If it helps to drop the BD-R price - why not :)[/QUOTE]
Exactly - and if they will be at least as good as AML002/003, there is nothing to fear. :iagree:

BTW, another thia9’s “fresh” test of UMEDISC-DL1-67 media:


[QUOTE=negritude;2472062]Scary, very scary. :eek:[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Womi;2472065]If it helps to drop the BD-R price - why not :)[/QUOTE]

Agreed on both counts. :wink:


[QUOTE=Arachne;2472171]Agreed on both counts. ;)[/QUOTE]

OK, Ms. Obama. :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=negritude;2472191]OK, Ms. Obama. :bigsmile:[/QUOTE]

LOL! Gotta see the positives as well as the negatives (yeah, I’m in a good mood :bigsmile: )


[B]Anwell’s BD-R receive product verification from International Blu-ray Disc Association[/B]

[I]Singapore, 10 March 2010[/I] - Anwell Technologies Limited (“Anwell” or the “Group”), a global supplier of advanced manufacturing equipment and process technologies for optical media, OLED and solar industries is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Umedisc Limited, has received product verification from the International Blu-ray Disc Association for the LTH (“low to high”) Blu-ray recordable (“BD-R”) 4x and HTL (“high to low”) BD-R 4x products manufactured at its manufacturing plant in Henan, China. LTH and HTL are different manufacturing processes of BD-R, offering different advantages and characteristics for the OEM customers.
By satisfying all the requirements of the verification, Anwell’s products have passed the tests set up by Blu-ray Disc Association. Henceforth, Anwell will have its own unique Manufacturing Identity Code registered under the Association. Anwell’s strong equipment R&D capability built over the years allows the Group to modify its existing range of CD-R and DVD-R manufacturing equipment into new BD-R manufacturing equipment. The flexibility and investment cost-savings will enhance the Group’s competitiveness in the BD-R generation.
“We are delighted to join the elect list of only four manufacturers able to offer both HTL and LTH BD-R products to our customers. The Group’s continual investments in R&D have once again borne fruit granting us a clear route into the BD-R. By leveraging on the sales channels built up from our sales of DVD-R products and our low cost production base in
China, we intend to ride on the strong growth momentum for Blu-ray products in the next few years.”

  • Franky Fan, Chairman & CEO


The MID codes of Umedisc’s BD-R media:

1-4x HTL: UMEBDR 014
1-4x LTH: ANWELL R04


Need some Princo BDR :doh: