UMD movie sales getting strong - may affect HD sales later on



I just posted the article UMD movie sales getting strong - may affect HD sales later on.

 When Sony  created its PlayStation Portable, they decided to use their own proprietary standard to  play movies on it using discs known as UMDs.  Although another non-HD  format may not...
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niche market. Unless we see desktop and computer UMD drives…


seriously, who wants to watch a movie on a portable? It’s a gimmick that will die slowly!


>seriously, who wants to watch a movie on a portable?< For example millions of japanese people in subways, driving home from work?


I travel a lot so being able to watch a movie on my PSP on the plane is great.


A-ha, here we go. So it has nothing to do with formats’ quality or superiority. Uncle Sam just figured out he cant charge a consuming Joe 3 times, for dvd, then psp, and then for hd-blueray. Couse even though he can make diff. package/ release/smell/edition/extra features, nobody will buy The Fifth Element for the forth time (forgot VHS). My suggestion: make it PC-compatible for back up or respect your customers and issue rebates if somebody owns a certain movie. Otherwise, wait for Honest competitors. Cheers


Not quite sure I see the connection - how are portable video sales likely to effect High Def sales? Surely the latter is will be brought (initially) by home cinema fans whereas the former caters for the “Download generation”. Different markets - at least for the time being.


Where exactly does Uncle Sam fit into all this?