UMD movie format novelty dies as sales fall to a mere trickle

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  About a  year ago when Sony launched its PlayStation Portable (PSP), sales of movies on  the proprietary UMD disc took off very well                         with over 100,000 movie UMDs sold in...
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“Computer Entertainment executives will begin discussing plans with Hollywood studios to add TV output support to the PSP.:” F*** OFF Sony, have some balls and just do it without consulting those wretches!! [Swearing edited]
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Damn I was furious yesterday as my nephew has a birthday and he has a PSp. So what’s he want? 2 UMD movies. He will watch them once maybe twice then they will be tea cup sized coasters. I coulda puked! They were like 20 bucks a pop and that was at Walmart. :frowning: But, this was not the brick and mortar. You had to go to the online Walmart to find the darn things, as the store was nearly devoid of the discs. Die UMD Die! *stabs several times"
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Why would any pay DVD prices for something that can be only played/viewed on proprietary hardware ? Sorry the novelty wore off, for the same money I’d much rather buy the DVD re-encode it myself and put it on the psp. Long live homebrew!

This is so typical for Sony. They come up with new formats or gadgets and then shoot themselves in the foot because of the proprietary nature of all their stuff. Never thinking about the consumer or should I say caring about the consumer. The UMD disc is just another example.

You’d think Sony would learn after the number of format failures they’ve had in the past, …it seems not.

Good! They never learn. The discs were a rip off, they should have been 10$. Greed & Stupidity go hand and hand.

What support are Sony going to offer those that have bought these discs? None I suspect. At least with dvd’s I can rip them and transfer them to whatever future format I want to. For this reason I will not buy Blu-ray nor HD-DVD discs until the protection is broken and I can make back-ups.

Hehe! The irony… “UNIVERSAL” Media Discs, eh? “UNIVERSAL Media DISASTER” comes closer to reality!:B

Hehehehehe EXACTLY what I prodicted when the format launched. I would much rather pay DVD prices for a DVD which I can watch on anything which will pay a DVD and can rip to Xvid or whatever format should I so wish to play on a mobile device… Ohhhh I am soooo happy they screwed up agiain…

Sweet… Well, this would explain why some of the pawn shops in town have been selling them for $5-10, still a bit pricey thou. Maybe, just maybe if these things wouldn’t have costed more than a dvd of the same title & would’ve been packaged for an extra $2-5 w/ the dvd, it would’ve been worth it. Getting me a portable player w/ a built in HD, rip my fav dvd’s, and take on those long flights across seas. RIP UMD Movies, we’ll hardly remember ye…:g

About time that Sony leaves it’s ivory tower and looks around for a solution to what WE want: COMPATABILITY!!!

Just hope the Blu Ray will have the same fate. Sony HAVE to die with all its propretary format that simpy sucks! :d

A psp with a 60 gig built in hdd and cable with better than composite video out for 200.00 or less would have been much smarter. We as consumers will triumph!:frowning:

seems $ony are following atari’s footsteps how many things did they bring along then drop when they had your hard earned cash ? and where are they today ??

Im glad that they are getting bit in the ass for releasing the movies under this proprietary format, but the fact still remains its not going anywhere… They still make their money off releasing the games on the format, which besides ripping to Memory Stick, is not copyable to another UMD… All in all, they failed in both areas: getting consumer support for the UMD as an alternative to DVD in the portable movie arena and keeping their games secure on the UMD format…

I don’t know why everyone is bashing UMD movies, their a great idea but way to expensive. I travel often and the PSP is a great device to cure bordem and I love watching moives on it. I buy them 2nd hand for $7 - 10, I would never pay full price for them. r_saotome’s idea is a great one, package them with DVDs for extra $5, I would be all over that.

Everybody seems to be happy to poke Sony for using proprietary format for their psp movies. You probably forget that there is another proprietary format which rules the world right now and is called iPod (or more correctly, the DRM’d AAC format from iTunes). The only difference is that Apple has a better PR people than Sony. Apple virtually has control over the (legal) online music business, Sony simply wanted to control the portable movies format. It didn’t work.

Hopfully the blu-ray meets the same demise. I’m so sick of Sony and it’s “formats” that do nothing but cause confusion and fights between competing technologies.

maybe sony is thinking that we are the ones thankful to sony because sony developed such a nice device & format. you probably think i am crazy to say that, but i actually had to pay thank-you-for-let-me-live-on-your-propery payment for a room i rented when i was in japan for 6 months called “rekin” (literal meaning is mannered payment) i asked the agent why i should, and she answered that “renkin” was “virtually” required. i did not like to pay, but i had no choise since getting a room in tokyo was difficult since sony practically rules gaming & home entertainment market, sony must have felt that we should be thankful to sony for let us use sony’s wonderful format. FYI i was never asked to pay “rekin” in other asian countries