Umax Kazuki DVD-2800X MPEG4/DivX/DVD Player problem

Hello all,

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this…

I plugged in my new Umax Kazuki DVD-2800X player and it does everything it
should do (including playing DIVX from my USB pen) apart from one problem;

There is a distorted/interference thick line across the screen that slowly
makes its way down the screen and then back round again. Similar to a VHS
video that hasn’t been fine tuned. Its not dead obvious but its there.

It’s there the whole time no matter what you are playing through the player
and main menu.

I tried connecting it to my other TV and the results are the same. Both
TV’s are standard old ones (CRT) and not LCD/Plasma.

I also tried going into the setup menu and changed the ‘TV to PAL’ and this
doesn’t help.

I tried plugging the phono out into a scart adaptor and plugged in but again
the result is the same.

Anyone got any ideas what could be wrong?