Um Jammer Lammy & PSX mod-chip



Hi i live in the uk & have a PSX 9002 and it is mod-chipped 2 back up my originals. However i recently got Um Jammer Lammer (PAL version) but when i tried 2 play the original all i got when the Sony logo disappeared was a no smoking sign (a red circle with a line drawn through it in case u didn’t know) and the game wouldn’t load. I managed 2 make a back-up and patched and the back-up worked perfectly. Has any 1 else had this prob with a mod-chipped PSX. Thanks.



Hey there!

It’s just a thought, but have u got a stealth chip in your psx?

maybe you know this already but if you haven’t got a stealth chip and a particular game uses anti-mod tricks (i.e. checking for continual blasting of region codes) then the game will usually freeze!


P.S. It’s nice to find someone else form the UK here!


If you dont’ have a Stealth-Chip, the GET ONE:



Thanx 4 the info guys, thats probably my problem i only have the standard mod.