Just started using this software last week and it is slick…I was able to post remotely via my home server and check e-mail without a problem…Setup and configuration took a while, but it worked well…
Too bad something similar can’t be used in the Newbie Forum to assist those “Technologically Challenged” individuals…
Link for those interested…

while remote access programs are pretty cool I’d strongly advise against them for newbies…unless you have your connection and PC locked down nice and secure you’re asking for trouble by allwing remote access.

that being said, i used to myself remote access to my roommates computers in college and mess with them all the time haha.

Based on my translation of your reply, have I been demoted to “newbie”, and if so, when can I play with the big boys again(or girls if you’re going to get all politically correct on me)?

Well then, you won’t be on the distribution list for my remote password…

By reading this, you have given me brief control of your mind. /.

Yes, I use UltraVNC all the time (well only when my pc is turned on) and of the different VNC variants it is my favourite!

As with all remote administration tools it is of course very important to consider the security aspects, and that is definitely not something that everyone can do equally well.

Hehehe, pipemanid the n00b :bigsmile: Just teasing, couldn’t resist…

I’ve used TightVNC before now (when my then-boyfriend came over from the States)…only used it a few times, though.

you definitely misunderstood my post.

you said maybe we can give this to the technologically challenged on the newbie forum…i was simply stating the newbies are the LAST people that you want in possession of remote access capability due to the higher probability that their connections and systems are insecure.

I am crushed…The dog is crushed… :sad:

You know I’m teasing :bigsmile:

It was a joke!!!

“Buy the ticket, take the ride,” HST

I do, but the dog didn’t…He’s still crushed… :slight_smile:

As long as the cats aren’t :wink:

Going back to the original post…I’ve been thinking about using that kind of thing to take care of my other PC, which is at my mum’s (and her boyfriend is always messing with settings he shouldn’t), but never got around to it.

Thanks for the reminder :wink:

i’ve never used this particular program. what are its advantages over windows remote assistance service?

i like the fact that with windows you can send not only passworded remote assistance invitations but also time-limited so they will expire after a certain amount of time.

Save administrative rights for yourself. Create a limited user account for them. :slight_smile:

That’s a very good point :)…I’ll probably do that anyway now you mention it, and see how that goes.

That is a very good idea in theory, but Microsoft and the various software companies make it very difficult to work on a real system without spending endless time figuring out how to tweak the permissions for limited users so that all the applications will work.

CD/DVD burning is one of the things that usually needs tweaking in order for it to work on limited acounts. The Nero Burnrights utility was designed to make that easier.

I gave up running as a limited user on my own pc a long time ago - it just wasn’t worth the extra hassle.

Some programs don’t like it, so then you just cheat a little and give the limited user additional rights to the program folder (right-click on the folder and look under the Security tab - may not be there in XP Home, but there’s a patch for that - I’ll look it up if you need it). Also, with TweakUI you can auto-login as the limited user (they won’t know the difference).

Sorry for the off-topic, pipemanid.

You’re right Dragemester, but for non-power users it works fine. I do it for my nieces :slight_smile: .

There are some differences in how Remote Assistance and UltraVNC works, and some of these differences can be seen as advantages or disadvantages depending on what you need:

[li]UltraVNC can run as a service and the user being helped doesn’t have to send an invitation. Sending an invitation is hard enough to do for someone who doesn’t know much about computers.[/li][li]The UltraVNC server/service can be setup to either require a user confirmation, or it can be setup to not require confirmation - depending on what you need. If you need to remote control a server you would definitely use the no confirmation option.[/li][li]UltraVNC can run in full screen on the client (the controlling pc) unlike Remote Assistance.[/li][li]VNC is cross-platform so you can get VNC servers/clients for other platforms besides Windows (UltraVNC is only available for Windows, however)[/li][li]UltraVNC has less problems with correct screen updating in my experience, but that might be dependent on the graphics driver?![/li][/ul]

Anyone considered security with this? I don’t have a windows pc on my home network to test with, but I’m curious as to how strong the passwords being passed back and forth are encrypted.

As for ultravnc vs windows builtin, you should compare vs remote desktop instead of remote assistance.

I’am newbie at ultravnc connected two computers by crossover cable, transfer some files easy but some files wont transfer get an< error compressing files for transfer file maybe protected> what kind of protection firewall disable. The files that want transfer is movies copy to my hdd in dvdfab would that program have a protectation to keep files from being transfer but i can transfer them to a flash drive but cant get them to transfer in ultravnc. anybody have this problem or know what to do.:confused: