Is anybody else having a problem with Ultraviolet, I’m using DebabPlatinum, version, it decrypts fine but everytime it goes to write Defab says it encoutered a problem and has to shut down. I’ve backed up a couple hundred of my movies, and this is the 1st time I’ve run into this problem.

‘Hundreds of your movies’…

Seems that some peepz have too much money…

Try AnyDVD, or RipIt4Me…

Otherwise, is there an option with your software to use another burner (ie it will rip to an ISO or DVD folders on the HDD)?

just did that one last night for the 1st time used the comibination of anydvd and clonedvd but everyone is different bud

I created a bkup of “ultraviolet” with platinum v.…both modes, ie., main movie mode and complete disc (didn’t care about complete disc…did it to an rw as an experiment since some folks were having trouble)…no problems.
Anyway, it sounds like a conflict(s), as you’re getting a general “encountered problem” as opposed to a specific write error within the app.

It wouldn’t backup for me with nero and anydvd (it froze up nero), but I ripped with anydvd and then burned with nero and it worked fine.