UltraViolet DRM one step closer to market



UltraViolet DRM one step closer to market.

[newsimage]http://static.rankone.nl/images_posts/[/newsimage]The UltraViolet technology aimed at allowing consumers to watch their purchased content across major platforms was widely discussed during CES.  The so-called "universal DRM" will be available to consumers across multiple platforms, even if they purchase a DVD or Blu-ray movie but want to late stream it.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ultraviolet-drm-one-step-closer-to-market-38721/](http://www.myce.com/news/ultraviolet-drm-one-step-closer-to-market-38721/)

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How about this be [U][B]DRM free[/B][/U]…that a [B]innovation[/B] they seem to have left behind??? DRM all they want and the pirates and certain software companies will defeat it. This is the same [B]MPAA/RIAA[/B] mindset punish and they will pay. What kinda BS is this - they are doing the same thing over and over and loosing every time and yet they have not learn a single thing at all. Piracy is here to stay they need to learn and live with it and manage it and all they do is to alienate legit users whom go over to the pirate side more and more.


No matter how DRM is implemented, it still only targets paying customers. :Z

Sure this may be multi-platform, but no DRM will ever be compatible with hardware that either does not support DRM or which its firmware cannot be upgraded to support this DRM technology.

So how does this DRM affect those who download from unofficial sources such as P2P? Unsurprisingly, they will not be affected. In my opinion, this only encourages those users to stick with these unofficial sources, since they know the content will play on their hardware without having to worry about DRM.

While a small fee may seem attractive to get the legitimate thing, the thought of having to fork out on a new set-top/handheld media player just to be able to play DRM-crippled media is enough to prevent many existing P2P downloaders from changing their habbit. This has already been proven with unlimited music download services such as Napster. The only thing stopping their subscriptions from taking off like Facebook is the entertainment industry’s most addictive drug - DRM.


I been around since computer took rooms of space and needed punch cards to operate. Then computer were built and pretty much controlled by IBM. Since then a whole revolution took place from the personal PCs, cell phones, game boxes, TVs, video players, and internet. During this entire time copyright laws have taken on a whole new meaning and various forms DRM have occurred. It seems however no matter how smart one side is the other side is smarter. Over the years when one form of encryption took place it was broken in a matter of weeks by someone in the world who is smarter. Even some encryption techniques have caused damage or failed to operate in many of the devices. What really needs to happen is for The Government, Copyright Holders, and Users (note I said users here) get together and establish a FAIR policy (notice I said fair here also) but instead what is happening the Government is being Lobbied hard (bribed) by the Copyright Holders (Usually MPAA and RIAA which is in business for themselves not the actor or signer) to make laws which do not fit todays current environment. It shouldnt be he who has the gold makes the rules it should be to protect the rights of everyone involved both creator and user. Like many have said what is the real impact of those who pirate? Does it hurt sales or increase them? It appears on who does the study

Some interesting website on the topic

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Also as another member here mentioned one may want to watch the South Park episode Season 7 labeled Christian Rock Hard released 10/29/03


Just one more thing we supposedly “need”. As a locksmith we tell our customers that locks are to keep honest people honest. Isn’t that what they’re trying to show us? We need this to keep US honest. If you’re already purchasing the movie/game whatever, then why do we need to jump through another hoop?! Enough already…