Ultraplex wide 40x stuck at 8x read

i only get an 8x read from this drive. nero and cdclone report it only reads at 8x. i have the newest version of the firmware and have plexi tools and its set fo the highest read speed. anyone else have any ideas why it will only read at 8x

Firmware 1.05 is supposed to correct this. It corrected mine. I got the Wide when it first came out, still have it, and IMHO it is a not very good. It is ridiculously slow when reading small files. I am thinking about trying it on a seperate controller.

i had newest firmware and it was still doing it. well i learned adaptec has new drivers on there website for win xp that at least increased teh speed to 20 to 30x. i guess windows xp has problems with scsi cddrives and harddrives.

When I first installed XP, I encountered buffer underrun issues with my scsi burner even when burning from the HD. I installed the win2k driver for my 29160 and everything worked fine. A month later Adaptec released the RC1 XP drivers for the card. However, my Wide was always reading at the correct speed except for small files.