Hey there guys I am having another question:

I was wondering how to mirror the cmd screen from windows XP. So I go to start, —> run —> type cmd and the old dos screen pops on. I want to use this window on a second monitor, but the option to mirror that window can’t be selected. Did microsoft added some protection or something? Is there anyway to mirror a dos screen?

I can’t use a dos screen in FULL screen mode as it will take over the whole system?. On both, Ultramon and the nview which comes with my Geforce 8800, I can’t right click and mirror that screen on the second monitor and than use alt-enter. I can move the screen manually, but as I noticed Ultramon does give the ability to mirror screens when you use for example a normal screen, like firefox. I noticed that it stays locked on the second screen and I can still use the other screen. I would like the same with the DOS screen, as the FULL screen DOS mode will give me acces to VGA mode. Can VGA mode be selected inside windows or is there any other way than using the cmd??