UltraISO v7.2 ME ruined CCD Image

OK, this is for the guru’s out there, cause I give up.

I was gonna put this into Recording Software Forum but its directly related to CloneCD, and I want to try it here first to see if I have any luck before moving it.

Ok here goes…
I tried to inject a text file into a CloneCD image using UltraISO v7.2 ME so that I wouldn’t have to always look for the box which has the serial sticker on it. The image is of an unprotected data CD my dad uses for work sometimes. My dog literally destroyed it today, but good thing paranoid me still has the image, or so I thought.

I tried select it through CloneCD to burn it and got the following error.

I tried to open the image in UltraISO v7.2 ME and it crashes by closing & exiting the program.

I am really stuck and my dad is pissed because I was supposed to make a backup of this cd and told him I did, although all I did was kept the image on my HDD for about a month now. Now it don’t work.

I hope someone can help me.



Turns out I was able to burn the Image using the built in burning software method supplied by UltraISO v7.2 ME.

But it leaves me with many questions…

1) Why did CloneCD Crap out trying to burn the image.

2) What would happen given the event the cd was actually not a data cd but had some kind of protection on it(ie: a game cd), wouldn’t that information be lost burning via UltraISO v7.2 ME?

3) Why did UltraISO ruin the original image, how can I now trust it in the future when trying to insert files or such into CloneCD Images?