UltraISO for making iso's from your hard drive

i have a question about making iso’s from the hard drive. i have a 4 cd sims 2 game in cd-rom version i have the installations copied to my hard drive (not the images.) Since i have the seperate cds in seperate folders on my hard drive (the installation setup files.) i just need to know if i can take all the contents from the setup files and make them into a iso and if it would still be the same as the actual discs images. the cds are scratched and usuable but i have them copied to the hard drive without an image format.

It depends on whether those CD games are copy-protected in some way, and whether they expect to be located at the root of your CD instead of in sub-folders.

You may have to just try it yourself.

UltraISO can also create ISO images by reading your CDs (one ISO per CD), provided that the discs are readable in that drive, and then you can copy each game to a new CD-R.

This still presumes that the games aren’t copy protected, and since I don’t play (that kind of) games, I can’t tell you if they are.

yes the discs do have safedisc protection. i think it safedisc 3. i wish there was a way to make those installation into iso or mdf/mds or any type of burn exetensions

You can forget to reproduce the safedisk protection.Better try to read your scratched disks with alcohol at low speed.