UltraISO 6.51 with filename support of up to 221 characters

I just posted the article UltraISO 6.51 with filename support of up to 221 characters.

xoben and H-EvA-K used our news submit to tell us this latest version of UltraISO is out. With this new long filename support feature, you do not need to use Joliet volume when making…

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ok, tell me this, who the f**k is gonna name a file with 221 characters? Its ment to be a FILE NAME not a short story ffs

Yes! There are “some” ppl out there who need the extra long file naming of 221 characters - predominately all those ultra bad ass mp3 collectors… eg: Ministry Of Sound - Clubbers Guide Summer 2003 (Cd1) - 01 - Dj Sammy - Sunlight.mp3

We don’t need 221 character file names. All anyone really needs is an 8.3 file name.:d All those extra characters just complicate matters.

You need the extra long filenames because Windows uses it. 8.3 is useless. Not enough info.

Actually, Disc #2 of VS.net 2003 from MS has very long filenames. It just gives you more flexibility.

Some haven’t heard of the doc file named “First letter to mom asking for money right away which I should repay when my financial situation permits”:d