UltaDVD is being offered on Fengtao’s website, but there isn’t any description on what is is.
Could anyone please enlighten me?

Copy/paste from the web site.

UltraDVD - Recommended software DVD player, for our customers only, 50% off!

UltraDVD is a powerful and very easy to use DVD player software. It can play DVD, VCD or MPEG/MPG movies and almost all video or audio multimedia files.

UltraDVD is the only player in the world that supports a 1/8 size digital zoom window! It’s extremely easy to use, but powerful enough for experts.

UltraDVD is also an MPEG/AVI/VCD/VIDEO/AUDIO/MPG player software. Just click one button to play your movie. You can set the size of the playing window - full screen or a small window - to your liking. It will monitor your DVD or CDROM drive and will automatically play a movie disc.

Download UltraDVD


Digital zoom any area of the DVD movie to a 1/8 size zoom window (only player in the world that does this).
Displays sync of video and audio control (only player in the world that does this).
Supports parental control. You can protect your children and keep them away from the hardcore and violent movies.
DVD and VideoCD playback with full operating controls.
Full featured DVD navigation.
Very easy to use.
Stunning video and audio quality.
DVD monitor: UltraDVD will play the DVD movie when you insert the DVD disc into DVD drive.
Supports multi-language. You can use UltraDVD in your mother-language.
Support the control of aspect ratio of the DVD movie. You can see the movie as 4:3, 16:9 or any other ratio you wish.
You can capture the image of a DVD movie to your favorites.
Powerful and fastest DVD/MPEG2 decoder (Microsoft DirectShow 100% compatibility). Optimized for Intel and AMD processors (Pentium II/III/4/Celeron, AMD K6-2/Athlon/Duron).
Supports skipping the DVD menu to play the DVD movie directly.
Supports closed caption.
Detects and opens DMA mode of your DVD driver automatically. You can play the DVD movie more efficiently after you’ve opened the DMA.
Supports the control of the source (Film or camera) of the DVD movie.
Supports the control of deinterlacing (Bob or weave) of the DVD movie.

System Requirment
Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 98SE or Windows NT4.0 SP5+
Pentium II 350 PC or higher, 32MB RAM or more

Its a software player to play DVDs on your computer. I have it because bought a bundle, but have never used it.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. The odd thing is I still can’t see it on the website! Perhaps I’m looking at an old cached version of the website?

Try this link: