Ultra X-finity 600Watt PSU $65 - FAR at frys

NEW! X-Finity PSU - Featuring FlexForce Cables Breakthrough technology! Phenomenal power distribution. Easy to manage cabling system! Extraordinary airflow! This sizzling new X-Finity power supply features the innovative new dual rail technology for better power distribution. You’ll get the smooth, trouble-free performance that’s perfect for your powerful gaming system. The FlexForces’ incomparable cables are dressed in a great looking titanium silver finish. Specially engineered cable design promotes easy cable management and 30% better airflow than ordinary cables. Crafted to accommodate both AMD and Intel CPUs! 24/20-pin motherboard connection. 4-pin +12V Molex connectors. 4-pin floppy power connectors. PCI Express, SATA and 8-pin EPS connectors. Versatile. Dependable. Affordable. The X-Finity FlexForce ATX power supply

Additional Features
Supports AMD and Intel Motherboards
Low Acoustic Noise
120mm Fan
Meets ATX Version 2.2, v1.3, and ATX 12V Version 2.03 Specifications
Short Circuit Protection
In-Rush Current Protection
Thermal Overload Cutoff Protection
MTBF > 100,000 Hours at Full Load, 110VAC and 25°C Ambient Condition
FCC and UL Recognized


Even without MIR which I hate the price is pretty good but the shipping cost might be surprising one.

it was under $8 for me and no tax

Edit - I did forget to mention shipping was not free at this time :frowning:

Thanks, it is still a good deal.

And I double checked with frys. the ad listed 120mm fan and the rebate form said dual 80MM fans but the UPCs are the same and good for the rebate IAW frys

I’ll wait for the free shipping, dont need one yet, but it is a good backup for low power demanding system.

Thanks for the heads up jm1647, I’m in for one.

I have the older version of this, FAR a year ago, does not have cable management and does not have 120cm fan, very stable since I dont have power sucking components. Just C2D and 7800GT Nvidia card

I wonder if Fry’s has this in stores?.

the answer lies in you, can you please check and let us know, TIA :slight_smile:

NVM, I checked today’s instore ad, did not see it, so it is online only

I absolutely will and let every one know later since you right I have Fry’s near my house (10Miles).

The rebate is only good for purchases from Frys.com.

My friend got this one from the store yesterday…the dont have the rebates in store… :slight_smile: but one of the connectors didnt work so he returned it and got a ThermalTake Toughpower 650W which is much better IMHO for 30 bucks more.

We saw a lot of returned PSU of the brand on the shelf…so beware.


Is the stores theme like a castle :slight_smile:

I just got mine,it does have the 2 80mm fans and it seems pretty solid. The box says its black but inside the box the power supply is platinum.The UPC on the box matches the one stated on the rebate so it should go thru.

I received mine today either they missed something or I am missing something :confused: Mine has the 80MM fans and nice platinum color also. All the plugs were there except the 4 pin 12V mobo connector. The plug isn’t just missing there is no wire coming from the PSU ? The 24 pin connector and all the other connectors were there :iagree: but no 4 pin 12V mobo connector :disagree: :a

Mine is the same way, there are 2 6 pin 12 volt lines but no 4 pin ones. It kinda looks like the 8 pin connector splits into 2 4 pin connectors if you look at it closely though. I’ll bet thats how you get your 4 pin connector.

Hmmm , I didn’t noticed the 8 pin 12V could split, good eye :bow: !!! But the box says 2 8 pin connectors and 1 4 pin 12 V connector… The pinouts are the same on the 8 pin connector 12V2 as 2 4 pin 12V2 connectors…I guess we could use them like that… never use the 8 pin on a regular PC anyway