Ultra V 500W Power Supply - FREE - Shipped After $40 MIR


Frys has this 500 W PSU for FREE - Shipped!! after $40 mail in rebate here:


Limited supply (got mine before I posted-eh!)

I have the Ultra 400 watt V-Series PSU. Although I wouldn’t load it up to the gills with frills it’s fine for a standard setup. More than fine actually. I have one in my backup system (see sig).

I also have the Ultra 500 watt X-Finity PSU and it is loaded up to the gills and runs beautifully. This is what’s in my media server (see sig).

The reason I’m posting this is you often see a lot of naysayers on the bargain forums bashing these because they are free or next to free. Ultra did have a problem with their older X-Connect series PSU’s but not either of these.


Still waiting on my rebates for those Ultra PSU’s from Fry’s though. It’s only been about a month since I sent them in. They did send an email confirmation but that’s not the same as receiving the check.

Yo DM-

Thanks for the props bra-

I have never not received a rebate to date (send Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation) - it just takes time-

I bought this purely as a backup - as with my luck - my PSU would go out on Sunday evening and I would have a Monday morning deadline to meet - so for $3.30 CA tax - I have a good 500W backup - that supports SATA and PCI-E and has the 20/24 connector-eh!

I recieved my rebate on the 400 watt version about a month ago. They gave me the option of the quick rebate for $2.50 less and I took it. From the time I mailed it in to the time I recieved it was about 10 days. Easily worth the $2.50 off my rebate. I think I may go for the 500 watt also.

Although this is a steel deal for 500W power supply but you better always buy the brand name and very reliable Ps since majority of your PC systems problems are related to bad PS.

Have two 400Vs, one 500X-Finity, and one 600V. The 500X and 600V are as stable as my expensive Enermax. Efficiency is between 74 to 79%, just a tad lower than the Enermax. The quality of the components are only average, but I have no issue with the 3.3, 5, and 12V rails (+/- 3% regulation with moderate ripple). The 120mm fan is probably the weakest link since it is not the highest quality. Still the fan runs quiet, even at full load. Highly recommended considering the price (FREE).

Thank you bigmike7.


Why does your response not come as a surprise-eh?

Anyway - here is more info from another vendor:


Oh - and this [B][B]is[/B][/B] a ‘Brand Name’ carried by TigerDirect, ZipZoomFly, CircuitCity, Best Buy and other retailers-eh!

Isn’t that the truth. I experienced that first-hand. I was weary about the big bucks I spent on my Antec but in hindsight it was worth every penny.


Here is something that I just discovered-

[B][I][U]LIFETIME[/U][/I][/B] Warranty on this Power Supply - [B]IF[/B] you register it with the manufacturer online here:


Now [B]that[/B] is one hella deal on a free item-eh! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

The problem with that is you can buy another free after rebate PSU for less than what it would cost to ship the defective one back to the manufacturer for RMA replacement.

It cost me nearly $8 (UPS) to send a non-compatible Crucial Ballistix module back to Crucial in Idaho via RMA. The single module weighed less than 1/3 lb. If that were a heavy PSU it would have cost a couple of bucks more. Why bother when you can get a brand new PSU for FAR & free shipping?

The people have to come to their own conclusion on this type issue.

Yo DM-

Agree - but how many times do you see a power supply for free? This one is a ‘one only’ type of rebate so you couldn’t go back for more in this case-eh!

In the past couple of months there have been a number of free or very low cost deals on Ultra PSU’s. My X-Finity 500 watter was $5 AR. Radio Shack has an X-Finity 350 right now for $5 AR …

This one is a ‘one only’ type of rebate so you couldn’t go back for more in this case-eh!
Sure you can. You just have to think like a politician stuffing the ballot box on election day. Have your brother order one. Get your friends to order one. Just be sure you only involve people who will actually give you the dough when the check arrives though.

Those PSUs that failed tend to be el-cheapos that come FREE with a case. I know many who are using the Ultras without any issue…probably more trouble-free than the Antec SP350.

These Ultras do not have very high-quality components, but they do put out stable juice under heavy load. That’s a good sign of a decent PSU.

The biggest problem with ultra is that some are top quality and some are not that great (because they use different oem’s). They have also been know to release a line made by a good oem, let it run for a year or so and get lots of good reviews, then change to a cheap oem for that same exact model. I think there are two model lines that are currently supposed to be good but I cannot recall which. You can go to underwriters laboratories site and look up the ul number on your unit to see who it is registered to though. Most of the poor ones are youngyear (unless they have changed but they used to be). I think (but I’m not sure) that the better ones are top power.

Your half right ripit
the bad Ultras are the X-connect’s with the 2 80mm fans (Yongyear built)

All the rest of their PSU are made by wintech
Wintech, Chieftec, Most Ultra, some Rosewill, some SinTek.

I own the 400w Ultra V and 2 500w Ultra V’s and their all working Great!
but their stillo just a budget PSU and really if you have a powerfull game system you’ll want something a little better than these

Still for free get one for a backup if for no other reason.

My 500w Ultra V is powering my system now
A64 3200+ Clawhammer
1 gig ram
3 HDD in raid
1 dvd-burner
and a 6800GS …no problem

my system under full load only needs about 250w of power
so a 500w Ultra V is working fine

Yeah, fried computer innards certainly cost a lot more than a quality power supply. The thing that bugs me with cheap power supplies is that they often rate them at way more than they can handle. Case and point I had an award 430W PSU with only 270Watts worth of stuff drawing from it and it was having issues. I was lucky that I didn’t destroy my computer in the process of using this thing. Also, if the PSU works out to being free after rebates, you KNOW they had to take some shortcuts on quality somewhere. The economics simply don’t add up. I guess it’s just me but I wouldn’t trust my PC components to a free PSU.

It is very rare for most rigs to draw more than 200W (about 270W from the wall with 75% efficiency PSU). My rig has an overclocked A64 @ 2.7GHz (Prime95), one floppy, one DVD burner ripping at full speed, one HDD, one PCI wireless receiver, and one VC. The actual load as reported by a calibrated ammeter is 161 watts. A more powerful VC will probably add another 50 watts max. During normal use, the average power consumption is around 120 watts.

That’s why the PSU designers try to achieve peak efficiency between 100 and 200 watts. A Conroe rig will draw a little less power. Even if you add another 100 watts for SLI, the actual load would still be under 300 watts at full load.

@Jesterrace, I have had a couple of bad experiences myself and have learned the hard way, the power supply is the most important piece of equipment in your system, because every single other part depends on it. It’s not an area where you want to go cheap.

@furballi, sounds about right to me, the average system doesn’t need a huge power supply. The problem with cheapos is that they don’t always provide accurate stable voltage, even at lower loads. Also, most power supply’s almost always have some reserve with the 3.3v and 5v. Its the 12v where you have to carefull. Even if your rig only maxes out at 300 watts, a 400 watt power supply might not handle it if the 12v rail is to low rated.

It sounds like (from what clsA posted), these should work fine for the average system. Personally, I only run good quality power supplies though (since I have personally suffered the bad effects of cheap power supplies). Also, I tend to load up my systems . Most of my hard drives are smaller. I have about 2 terabytes but it 14 drives in 3 systems and its not that unusual for me to have all pci slots full. Add light and lots of fans, and whatever else and it adds up (I know most systems are not like that). Also I have 6 optical between the 3 computers (plus water cooling and soon pelt again in one computer). Of course when I run pelt I usually run dual power supplies.