Ultra high resolution television (UHDV) prototype

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Japanese engineers have been testing out a prototype of ultra high definition video (UHDV) which has 16 times greater image resolution than today’s best standard HDTV. UHDV uses…

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HDTV has not even been emplemented to the full and the few channels they do have they CHARGE u for it! L wait to they have all the channels HDTV and they are free, just like what we have know on TV.

This is prettty cool, but since HD has already been agreed upon this will not make it into public viewing anytime soon, 30 years or more. This is cool for simulation rides and such at amusement parks.

A solution is needed for recording… Didnt i read an article on violet lasers somewhere??

There is a solution, they should try to use holographic memory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holographic_memory / http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/hvd.htm), which can easily handle such capacity and data transfers, that won’t be a problem anymore to cope with such capacities. I’m still waiting for technologies to come, that are from the future - sigh I live in the wrong century…

Well, if u always wait for new tecnologies, u will always live in the wrong century, no matter when. :stuck_out_tongue:

UHDV takes up 4 Terrabytes for 18 mins of video a film would take 25 terrabytes, space is getting bigger and so are tvs, by the time UHDV is common kinda like HDTV is today (2007) they would require rather large screens to fit 7680x4320 lines thats 33,177,600 pixels (a frame) im suprise they are at FPS like 25.

“im suprise they are at FPS like 25.” they are even at a framerate of 60, so there are 1990 million pixels per second waiting to be processed. they even managed to get 22.2 ultra surround sound. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UHDV

Definitely this world is changing too fast. These technologies are really awesome… 22.2 audio channels, and all that video power is amazing. Where are we going to store those UHDTV movies??? on a PCD (protein-coated disc)??? These developers are really beyond their time.

This would be nice to have in our local cinema’s. I do believe i read up a long time ago that the russian experimented many years ago and put it on display. Its been done before but i think they should put it into our cinema’s for the time being. I 100% disagree on so many speakers needed as we only have 2 ears and 2 proper speakers can create the whole enviroment perfectly by illusion - I have heard a working protatype producing full 3d sound everywhere like its been wired to your brain and that was at least 20 years ago. None of this technology is actually new but it would be nice for them to produce it for us. For years people have been riped off with purposely out of frequency balanced stereo’s. Im glad the companys cant sell music and everyone downloads it because they deserve to lose out for the true fact they have cheated everyone about sound quality. They can build them to perfection and there is no point in any improvements because us humans cant tell the difference at all. Its all about the arrival times and frequency its at in comparison to others. Some will say that it cant be done but what do they know, only what they have been lead to believe. I can tell you by fact that perfect can be done with just 2 speakers. Correctly designed ones with the system designed to work together in harmony. Harmony is what is wrong with 99% of systems sold today. Wrongly designed on purpose. Simple. There is nothing better than listening to REAL STEREO on 2 speakers. The point is that it has to be right in order to be able to hear it and the illusion is out of this world hearing a what is perceived to be real sound comeing from a position where there is no speakers. From between them, close to you to your side or behind you, up in the air and it dont matter where you sit, it will sound the same. I find that current cinema surround is either at one speaker or another and never exactly in position like a proper 2 speaker stereo can acheive. Its so dam difficult to be able to encode and set up so many speakers to get it to sound right. With real 2 speaker stereo the frequency can work out to be the actual distance. The position of the sound is heard precisely where as the current cinema ones are jumpy in position and never got the correct distance due to other speakers contantly altering the distance by altering the arrival times of interfered frequencys. They have to acount for this on set up and thats why 24 speakers are so hard to set up. I have to admit its easier for them to get aproximate direction using this method but its dam hard to equal a properly set up 2 speaker system. Most have never heard one, In actual fact some of the older systems are capable of achieveing real stereo but need someone who is patient and know what to listen for when adjusting an equalizer. This was top of the range old stuff and you cant just get any old parts and get it working. Well apart from my big sound issue, I cant wait till they release it so i can see it for myself.

O just one more thought that i had and i hope that they try it and maybe demonstrate it in all countrys. I was bored sitting on my pc and thinking about 3d stereo after my big long write up. I thought about 3d UHDTV using polarizing 3d glasses. OMG just imagine haveing lots of cinemas running UHDTV films with polarizing 3d glasses. The ultimate realism. Imagine how scarey horror films could become. I just wish they would add real 2 speaker stereo to go with it. Right im going to make some 3d anaglyth art for fun.

Hello Ben,
No one cares.


Damn, this is hella cool.
now just to wait 15-30 years for it to arrive
damn you, i might as well freeze myself.
oh well

Yep, people don’t care but they don’t know until they experience and too few have experienced.