Ultra-high resolution DVDs are Macrovision free - for now

I just posted the article Ultra-high resolution DVDs are Macrovision free - for now.

Newscientist reports that there are several DVDs released in Europe that do not contain the usual Macrovision DVD protection. The DVDs are available in the superbit format, which should offer even…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4835-Ultra-high-resolution-DVDs-are-Macrovision-free---for-now.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4835-Ultra-high-resolution-DVDs-are-Macrovision-free---for-now.html)

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interesting. but why WOULD you record a perfect DVD onto a warping, old, dilapidated, VHS? I’d just rip it to the HD of my PC… :d

nEXusJ: Oh, then you must be a hacker according to the article :wink:

I’m not sure if many would agree with this, but I find that the picture is noticeably sharper on the Samsung 709 DVD player with Macrovision disabled than with it on. On the Sony DVP-S336 DVD player (Macrovision on), the picture on the 28" TV varies brightness a little every now and again only while playing a DVD. I feel that these superbit DVDs should be left Macrovision free to keep the high quality. Anyway, if someone really wants to copy a movie, they will find a way!

how terribly observant of you, jsl. :9 i wouldn’t actually call myself a “hacker”, just a dedicated entertainment lover. :wink:


I don’t see why they should care if we want to recode VHS version of our DVD’s. I can understand before DVD’s were around why Macrovision was being used, but now it’s pointless and only hurts the picture quality. It’s a good thing that there’s companys that are standing up to that stuff.

that’s typical for Tristar: they hardly ever use macrovision. this was already the case with vhs cassettes (as far as I remember, the only vhs cassette from tristar that was protected was men in black - I got at least 100 tristar films at the rental store on vhs in the last 10 years and they all were unprotected. @nider: they don’t care if you make copies of YOUR dvds, they only care if you make copies of rented dvds.hehe. this macrovision stuff is so useless, of course. I have 1 hardware macrovision killer for vhs cassettes and two software macrovision killers (zone selector and remote selector) for copying from dvd drive to vhs over realmagic hollywood plus. it’s so comfortable: I don’t even know whether a dvd is protected or not. I simply told the programmes to switch off macrovision for all dvds @nEXusJ: ok, so you rip dvd to harddisc, and then what? what do you do next? do you convert it to video cd format? all this takes hours of your time; if you copy to vhs, you don’t lose time, because you can watch and copy at the same time. and if you copy on Svhs cassettes, quality is perfect. even if you take expensive vhs cassettes, quality is still perfect. besides, it’s more comfortable: if you copy on vhs, you can use the remote control of your video recorder to pause the movie or whatever. with video cd - I guess you have to play it on your pc and then you have to get up every time you want to jump back or forward or whatever, unless you have an infrared keyboard, or something, but I guess if you can afford such expensive crap like infrared mouse/keyboard, there’s no need to copy dvds, since you could just as well buy them, if you got enough money. so this all is just about the greatest comfort for as little money as possible. and vhs is the best solution

WRFan, as always, you jump to conclusions. I can rip it to my HD, then convert it DURING THE NIGHT to either VCD or DivX. DivX i can watch on my computer, and VCDs I can watch on my HOME DVD PLAYER, with the power of the all high remote control… and VHSs are still crap, cuz they warp and have no versatility whatsoever. guess what? there IS a flaw in your argument. :wink:

@nexusJ: during the night - not a bad idea, but has one flaw: if you got just one room, the pc fan will prevent you from sleeping. and if you got a house or a flat with several rooms, then you must have enough money to buy dvds and the whole discussion is pointless. I am talking about poor people. same thing about home dvd player. you have enough money to buy one, you should have enough money to buy dvds. you haven’t enough money, then you have neither dvd player nor dvds, and have to watch dvds on your pc. here’s the argument about the lack of comfort kicks in. I think my hollywood plus can play VCDs and it does have a remote control, but the card is not cheap and can’t play divx. Xcard can, but costs much money. besides, I don’t have enough space left to rip dvds on harddisc. scsi harddiscs are expensive. again, I am talking about the cheapest way of watching dvd movies with the most comfort, and that is copying to VCR. besides, come on, don’t tell me vhs is crap, we’ve been using it forever and never anybody complained. it’s just big business that tries to make us believe that dvd is better to make us buy the whole crap. I have a very good video recorder, which makes high quality recording, and I am satisfied with the results. you want to rip dvds, go ahead, it’s your time