Ultra HD 4K BluRay Rental Service


Has anyone tried this Ultra HD 4K BluRay Rental Service. Ran across this service but I never heard of it before. Is it OK?


Not this specific service but if you are looking for a place to do so, http://www.store-3d-blurayrental.com/default.asp has been around for a while and they now do UHD.
Redbox has started doing UHD in some areas as well (such as here in the Seattle area).


I signed up to try the Rent4K service. I’ll let everyone know how I make out with it. They have a medium size collection right now and they are showing a lot more titles on the way.


Got my 1st disc from Rent4K today. Got something to watch tonight. Their shipping is just one up on Netflix, they use a cardboard sleeve to protect the disk. I used to get a few broke disc from Netflix. They always made it good, but I had to wait longer to watch what I rented.


Got my 2nd disc going to watch it this week end. Turn around time is about 3 to 4 days. You can send an email when you drop a disc in the mail and they start processing your next disc. They seem to have a lot of disc listed as out of stock, I guess maybe their inventory is low, however as for now they have enough disc available to keep my in movies. We’ll see how it goes down the road if I can get those out of stock movies.