Ultra dma

hello to all, kinda new at posting but willing to try for the battle for knowlage.
i was a nec fan before i ran into this sight. i have a nd3520 in a netvista & also a nd6500 in a sony vaio. both are great machines & seem to work with no problems. my question is this, as i read this forum i see i should be set in ultra dma mode but when i look as system properties(on both machines) its only dma??is there a way to change this setting or is it controled in the bios??
one last thing,is there a rating for disk quality or is it up to the consumer to decide whats best for them & there pocketbook??i,m using g05’s & they seem to do the job,but there’s allways room for improvement isnt there??
thanks for everthing from all & keep up the great work!! i’ll keep reading & keep learning :iagree:

  1. system properties should say "DMA mode 2 " - its the same as “ultra” DMA, its just a
    naming thing ok :wink: ?

  2. Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media are among the best.


primary ide channel says
ultra mode 5
current transfer mode (not applicable)
secondary ide channel
ultra mode 2
current transfer mode( not applicable)
and isnt there a list or somthing to help guide people like myself with media??
thanks for the reply :confused:


Forget about a media guide, although there are guides. Try “DVD MID codes FAQ” in google…

The media it’s good today for you perhaps tomorrow won’t be ok.
Manufacturers ‘enjoy’ making changes into production, lowering costs and so.
So the DVD batch you have now will be different from the DVD batch you’ll have in a year.

There are exceptions (I guess),as someone pointed: Taeyo Yuden and Verbatim (Verbatim from Mitsubishi, not from CMC).

Ritek G04 is the most changing media I have ever known: I have 3 or 4 ‘different’ Ritek G04 and each one is different from the others.