Ultra DMA Mode-4

Hi My name Is Andy
I’ve just recently moved over to Florida from England, and brought two computers with me, I’ve changed the power supply In both, and both worked fine, but after a week one started displying low resalotion graphics and the mouse only works In safe made, I’ve also noticed when the computer boots up every time It shows this line In the BIOS:

Ultra DMA Mode-4 S.M.A.R.T. capable but disabled

Could this be the problem and If so can I fix It, or Is It some hardware thats past It’s sell by date.

that message is normal. S.M.A.R.T. is a option you can enable in some bioses to have a harddrive tell you when it is about to fail before it does. I do not think that is your problem.

It’s most likely software. It sounds like maybe your AGP or your Video card drivers have pooched. Download the latest from the manufacturer & install them.

The mouse problem? Correct me if i’m wrong, but I believe windows uses a hardware overlay surface for the mouse which depends on your video card drivers. The mouse may be working, you just don’t see it. unsure

UDMA Mode 4 is the transfer mode that your HD/Drive is using to talk to the rest of the computer. UDMA4 is good.

SMART - Self montoring and Reporting Technology simply means that the HD is checking it’s reading & writing and is looking for possible signs that it’s performance is degrading. If it measures distinct problems, it will inform the user at boot time.

UDMA4 & SMART notices at boot time are usual & a sign that those things working fine.

It’s time for a fresh Windows install - it might fix all the problems. Just ignore the SMART message since this is a normal display.

I was gonna suggest that, but thought he could try the video card drivers & chipset drivers first.

Nothing wrong with your idea, debro! I just thought when he’s still using an UDMA 4 HD (ATA66) then his Windows installation is probably of same age :cool:

no insult intended :slight_smile:

Lolololololol, no offense taken. Just suggesting the easy things before the hard :wink:

Must remember, newbies may or may not be up to speed about OS installations / etc & win9X series tend to overwrite the existing installation, meaning lots of restoration for proggies. Only win NT/2k/XP can fix existing OS :wink:

This was not for U but the original poster may feel insulted!

ur right, debro, but he wants solutions. Depending on how old his installation is I hope he got all drivers in his drawer. :smiley:

Hi Debro and Bronco04
Thanks for the suggestions, the thing with reinstalling the drivers Is, when In normal mode theres no mouse, and when I navigate using the keyboard I can’t navigate the options on the C.D. only the tabs at the top of the page, and In safe mode It dosn’t pick up the C.D. roms.

In this case, what I will suggest is that you do need to reinstall windows.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone do this in a normal installation, but … since you probably need to reinstall windows anyway

Uninstall the following devices in safe mode (if you can) which will force windows to redetect & install drivers for the following.
Please ensure that you have the drivers, either downloaded from the web, or on CD available when you reboot/ reinstall windows.

In safe mode, in device manager, uninstall the following ->
All items under “display adapter” category.
System devices->“PCI to AGP bridge”
At which point, windows will probably have a heart attack.
If your mouse is USB All items under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”
All items under “Mice & other devices”.
All items under “Human Interface Devices”

Reboot, let windows redetect a few things & install the drivers.
Reboot again, since windows always likes to reboot.

Hopefully now it will have detected your PCI to AGP controller & then your video card, your USB ports & hopefully your mouse.

Just a few quick questions.

  1. Which operating system do you have?
  2. What type of mouse do you have?
  3. What type of video card do you have?
  4. Do you know the model of motherboard and/or what chipset? (you can usually tell from system devices. It’ll have SIS/NVIDIA/VIA/INTEL in front of a few things :wink:

On some motherboards, the only way to switch the SMART setting, is to load Setup or “Optimal” defaults - you should note settings from all the other BIOS screens before doing this, in case any need te be restored.

I don’t like to see SMART disabled, as there’s a chance it MAY be able to warn you of a deteriorating drive.

Put simply, the SMART status is held by the hard drive, and can indicate that the drive is OK, or that it has suffered excessive errors/retries - in this case, it’s saying that it COULD report the status, but that reporting is disabled - I’ve never found any reason to disable it.

It may be as simple as lost settings due to a weak CMOS battery - does it also lose the clock setting?

It can only work when u run a SMART monitor tool in Windows’ system tray (or else). Basically you dont need to enable SMART in a sys bios since the monitor software communicates directly with the HDs. Most modern bios report the SMART status on the system start screen but sometimes falsely.

Most motherboards disable it by default as most new HDs are relatively reliable compared to older HD models.

Smart can be found in the advanced section of the Bios. Some companies, ie Gigabyte, hide this from most users. You may need to enter a key combination at the main bios screen (Ctrl + F1 for gigabyte) to be able to find the setting.

Most HD’s will only pop up warnings when the PC is first booted through the bios & I have already found out that, thanks to a “Premium” (read High priced) Western Digital HD, that S.M.A.R.T is less than reliable & only really notifies you after the HD has already crashed. Grrrrrrrr @ WD!
The System memory residnet Smart monitor never even gave a warning before the HD died! SOAB!

SMART also slows the HD’s performance.

Given that it pretty much tells you about 30 seconds before the drive dies & that it slows the HD’s performance, off is probably better anyway.

Hey Debro,
Do you have a working email for gigabyte support? - their only “service center” (GTS) seems dead since no one replies to questions posted there. I heard from others same story. WTF is going on with their “tech support”? Is this the new trend? - setting up one (dead) global support webpage but posting there is just a waste of time?

Use SpeedFan and SMART will notify u when the normal threshold maybe for R/W errors, Seek error, relocation errors, of the HDs is exceeding. This way u get very early warnings. It’s freeware :wink:

Actually, the HD was working perfectly at maximum performance, just 20 seconds before it failed :eek:

I know, because I was waiting for something to copy to the HD just before I restarted.
The computer restarted, all the other devices started, the HD didn’t…wtf?
Methinks something just got stuck preventing the heads from moving when they parked for shutdown.

Unfortunately not,
I’ve only needed their support once, when trying to installl a Geforce 4 MX VGU into the 7VRXP motherboard… the motherboard just doesn’t like them.

It was later added to the FAQ that the moterboard didn’t support enough current to run geforce 4 cards, even the MX series…grrrrrrr :a:a