Ultra DMA Mode 2 causes my computer to

Ok so I’v been having alot of problems with my dvd burner not going into dma mode. Finally I am able to use dma mode for my dvd burner, except now whenever my dvd burner on my secondary ide is set to dma mode my whole computer starts acting up. Booting up takes an extra 7 minutes, my cpu usage will almost be maxed, the computer will randomly completly freeze up and not un-freeze.

Any ideas on why my computer does those things when my burner is in ultra dma mode 2?

Make sure its correctly jumpered and replace the ide cable too.

You could also try switch the hard drive(s) to the secondary & the burner to the primary channel. This switch won’t affect booting up or generally running but might solve your problem.
Do as [B]chef[/B] suggests first though.

I tried switching the burner to the primary ide and the hard drives to the second. My burner still refuses to read or write anything although it is on ultra dma mode 2 and my computer is still acting weird.

Try replacing the ide cable or test the burner in another computer.