Ultimate way of storing DVD media?

What is the best way to store optical media ?

Jewel/slim cases take up too much space and are quite expensive and cakeboxes are hard to search. I’d prefer “CD wallets” but most members here advice against them… so how should i store my discs ?

The best way? Full sized DVD cases stored vertically.

The slim DVD cases are the most space efficient cases. (especially the doubles) Unless you have over 10k blank DVDs I don’t see why it’s such a big deal.

Let’s see… 10,000 DVDs stored in slim double-cases of 5 mm thickness, that’s 25,000 mm or 25 meters of slim double cases, which is probably the most space efficient storage except for cakeboxes.

So you think everybody should have room for at least 25 meters (27 yards) of DVD cases? :eek:

Not really. IF you have racks it would reduce the LENGTH (but obviously increase the height) enough to fit inside a small room. Let’s face it, if you can afford 10,000 DVDs in the first place, you can also afford to store them properly.

Again, if you’re burning so many DVDs you’ll no doubt want them to last. Slacking on the storage is as bad as slacking on the media. If he wants to dig through spindles of DVDs to find what he wants, then sure cakeboxes would be fine. If he wants to risk storing them in wallets which may cause warping and scratching, then he’ll be spending even more money replacing the disks.

I made a calculation error above; the space required would be 25m (27 yd). :doh:

Using the smallest 5mm double cases I have seen somewhere, the 10,000 discs could be kept in a 2 meter high and 2.3 meter wide cabinet with 11 shelves. So it’s doable, but it would dominate a small room. And that’s using the smallest and most space efficient double case. If you use single cases the requirements would double and if you use normal DVD cases that are 3 times thicker and 25% taller, so they would take up a 2 meter high and 15.5 meter wide cabinet, which would be all the wall space in a small room.

The most space efficient DVD case I have myself are these:
The thickness is 7.5 mm but I have seen 5 mm cases somewhere (don’t remember where).

I was using full sized Jewel Cases but calculated the rate of burning and the space they were taking and found that me and my family would leave our apartment in few months :bigsmile:

I now use something like these :


12 Disc capacity with 6 double sided hard plastic disc holders (just like the normal jewel case with the center holder for discs)

The problem with the 1-2 disc/case apporach is, that i’d need a complete cabinet or at least a shelf for them and i’m very low on free space in my room. Not to mention that a slim DVD case costs almost the same as a blank DVD+R.
Ideal would be a single case that could hold up ~200 DVDs and could just lie around on the table.

Night crew on duty now! @DrageMester, you got too much time on your hands, LOL! @Feena, I’d have to agree with you on using Slim cases. I use the Fuji Multi colors ones. I buy them at Amazon.com, for about $15.00 for 100. Do the math. Shipping is free over $25.00. I stack my DVD’s flat and about a foot high, each stack. I label the front of my book case shelves A,B,C, etc. So, far this filing system works for me. I only have about 800 DVD’s at present. I’m sure, if needed. I could even take each alphabet letter and split that into 2 or 3 sub categories, a to ah, ah to as, as to az. I keep a printed master list of my inventory, which I update 3 times per year, using my office suite software. Works for me! But, of course I don’t own 10,000 DVD. hee! hee! In fact, I don’t even know anyone that does. Do you? Seems 2,000 DVD movies and another 1,000 music Cd’s, should be enough for anyone. At the rate technology is moving forward. DVD’s and CD’s, will soon be absolete… Anyway! Then you’ll feel like you just have a stack of old LP records, 8mm reels, and Beta tapes sitting on your shelves collecting dust. LOL @Molnart, the guys which have thousands of movies and songs, build servers with RAID, using 2 HDs, or more for storage. Hooked up to a HUGH Plasma TV, with a Home Theater Surround Sound System. With a remote, they access a menu and select anything they want in just seconds. Wouldn’t that be nice!

I store in a piece of furniture sold by hama under the name "CD Magic Touch"
No light or dust gets into this always vertical storage.
Because I buy now mostly blanks in spindles it saves me buying on top these slim and jewels cases. I broke many of them while opening, especially slims !

There is room for 600 (300 double sleeves) in one of this “hama” furniture, the DVD’s are hanging vertically in double sleeves [usualy 2 copies made at the same time on different MID codes], the recordings are easy to find and each sleeve got a number so it’s easy to find the way back into storage.
While handling them the discs don’t fall anymore from the boxes when you open them.

I used a lot of ScratchProof DVD’s from TDK and for the others I am not convinced that the contact between the sleeve and the burned side of the disc is any dangerous over time …

At the moment I have 2 “CD Magic Touch” which means that in 40 cm wide and 1,05 m high
I am able to store [B]1,200 DVD’S[/B]: that is enough for me

I’ve got a similar storage box to that. Mine is a box though, like a briefcase. Same idea with the Vertical hanging double sided sleeves. I think it should be fine for storage.


This is what I use. They are available in several size capacities.

Slim jewell cases here in dark drawers :).
Protects against dust, falls, light, etcetc.

I have almost my full cd collection in DJ cases. 6000 give or take a few in about 2 m³. My backup cd’s and dvd’s are in soft cases and is about 1-2 m³ - not sure of the number :slight_smile:

In an ideal world with oceans of money, space and time i might have used dvd slim cases as well… :slight_smile:

They look exceptional and a good alternative to DJ boxes. I’m going to make an enquiry with Hama’s UK office to see if they might become available in my country.

I see you live in Europe (I live in Belgium), maybe you can help me find these “Magic touch” racks? I like them!

This looks quite good. Altough a bit pricey, but way better than single DVD cases.

Well here’s some storage boxes. I have the silver 600 disc box. Easy to use, holds loads of discs. The other box holds 1000 discs. The draw holds 640. If you have a large desk and room to attach, that draw would be great.

I am living in France (near the german border) and I bought these ‘CD Magic Touch’ at MediaMarkt in Germany
They are quite expensive (around 100 € a rack, but for for 600 DVD’s)
I remember that not all stores had them available at any time …

We do not have MediaMarkt stores in France (there is one near Mulhouse called Hypermedia)
but I think you have them in Belgium:

The problem with paper (or plastic) sleeves is that they tend to scratch the discs , don’t they ? :confused:

From my (short) experience with sleeves, yes. You need to be really careful when inserting and removing them. To be honest, they just make me paranoid. I ended up throwing out all my sleeves and wallets and sticking strictly to full sized (double) dvd cases.