Ultimate High Definition Setup - for $50k

OK, if $10k is really too little to build the Ultimate High Definition Setup, then now post what you would get for $50,000. I am just wondering what everyone’s ultimate device would be, but of course it’s also interesting to see what kind of things weigh more when there is some kind of money restriction.

Still priced too low, but OK:

JVC DLA-RS2U projector: $8000
Da-Lite HT 119" screen: $1500
Yamaha RX-Z11 11:2 AVR: $5500
JBL Array series 9:2 speaker system: $37,500
(10" 3-way L-R, 8" 3-way ambiance and surrounds x 6, 15" 1000W subs x 2)

Total: $52,500

Still lacking any peripherals, players, etc.

Screen - http://www.stewartfilmscreen.com/CineW.htm - Call for Price. Price will be a least $10,000.00 or more, Basically if you have to ask then you should not be looking.

Projector - http://www.runco.com/vx-22i.html - $59,995.00

Video Processor - http://www.anchorbaytech.com/products/systems/vp50pro.php - $3,499.00


maybe steal CDan JBL speaker system $37,500.00


Have not had a chance to think about the rest yet.


Perhaps we should include the cost of the addition to the house, which will be needed to accommodate the new HT setup.

Once before I die, I hope to get to hear what 2x 1000w 15" subs can do. Probably blow out candles from 10 ft away. :eek: