Ultimate DVD9 -->DVD5 w/Dvd95copy trial + Dvd2one + Ifoedit/update

Programs Needed:
DVDDecrypter or Smartripper (Free) www.doom9.org
DVD95copy Trial (yes only the trial) (Free)
DVD2one 1.0.2 (so you can adjust output size) ($40) (On your own to purchase, please support this wonderful proggy)
IFOupdate (Free) www.doom9.org
IFOedit (Free) www.doom9.org
Nero/Prassi/RecordNow (Various prices) Just do a search
This guide is written to the lowest common denominator LIKE MYSELF who has a limited knowledge of DVD backup. First create 5 folders called A1 through A5 for convenience…but you can name them whatever you wish. In A5 create two subfolders of VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS in all caps.

This process takes HALF the time as running Pinnacle InstantCopy and you have WAY more control over the final output size! I will NOT argue with anyone over the merits of the quality of the main movie. It is MAXIMIZED as much as possible and the menu’s and extras MINIMIZED to as small as possible! Pretty Sweet combo~!

  1. You want to DVDDecrypt or Smartrip ENTIRE movie to a folder called A1. Before doing this, however, select Edit " Select main movie files" to see what vobs are the MAIN MOVIE. Write this down. Now deselect “Select main movie files” and select “select all”. Start this rip process to A1. (Main Movie Dir)

  2. Run DVD95copy trial and set INPUT as A1 (Main dir) and OUTPUT as folder A2 (DVD95copy dir) This program LUCKILY just transcodes 10 min of MAIN movie video and MAX compresses
    the Menu and extras! It is exactly what you want! Wait for that to finish. ~1.0 hour

  3. Delete main movie VOB in A2(D95copy dir) once DVD95copy trial has finished. Read CAREFULLY! Two things to be note here: One, the main movie VOB is the VTS_0X_1.vob can
    be identified when you first run DVDdecrypt or SmartRipper by selecting “select main movie files only” and seeing which ones it selects. They may be VTS_01_1.vob through VTS_01_4.vob or they may be VTS_05_1.vob through VTS_05_4.vob or whatever. The main movie does not necessarily have to be the vobs with the “1” in the X column. Two, DO NOT DELETE VTS_0X_0.vob! Leave that alone!

  4. Now move MAIN movie files from A1 (MM dir) to A3 (IFOedit dir). This will be files VTS_0X_1.vob through VTS_0X_X.vob Rename them VTS_01_1.vob, VTS_01_2.vob and so on through VTS_01_X.vob until you have renamed them all.

  5. Run IFOedit against these files and select VTS_01_1.vob from within IFOedit as the target file. Set destination directory for IFO’s same as source. Be sure the “Create a single PGC” and “Create Chapter for Each Cell” are clicked on. Let IFOedit do it’s thing depositing sweet new IFO’s in with the vob’s in A3 (IFOedit dir).

  6. Run DVD2one and set the input as A3 (IFOedit dir) and the output as A4 (DVD2one output dir). Set the user defined amount as 4472MB - (size of A2) (DVD95copyDir with the main movie vob file deleted)

  7. When DVD2one is complete, rename files in A4 (DVD2one dir) to correspond with the ORIGINAL movies’ MAIN movie vob set in A1 (Main dir) that you discovered by the method in step 1 (more experienced users can just see from the size) Example. VTS_05_1.vob through VTS_05_4.vob After rename, move transcoded vobs that you so artfully renamed to A2 (DVD95 dir) DO NOT INCLUDE OR MOVE VTS_01_0.vob that DVD2one produced. Leave that file in A4 all alone.

  8. Run IFOUpdate and select A2 (DVD95copy dir) VTS_0X.0.IFO as the original IFO path and DVD2one produced VTS_01_0.IFO in the A4 (DVD2one dir) as the authored patch and C:\backup.bak as the backup path. In the mode drop down menu select “Adjusted cell mode” and in the options menu be sure “Auto Correct VTS sectors” and “Autoanalyze Original IFO” is checked. Now just simply press the button Update IFO!

  9. Now re-open IFOEdit for your NEW recompiled project in A2 (DVD95copy dir) and select the new VIDEO_TS.IFO file. Press “Get VTS sectors” and say YES and OK to everything. Close IFOedit.

  10. Now you are almost done! Take all those files in A2 (DVD95copy dir) and move them to the subfolder of VIDEO_TS in the A5 (FINAL MOVIE) directory.

  11. Burn baby burn! Just use your favorite burning proggy. I use Nero and select DVD UDF/ISO and no multisession and burn it at the 1.02 standard so it’s compatible with all players. For more info with that just do a search on Doom9 or vcdhelp or Cdfreaks forums. Have fun and good luck! :stuck_out_tongue: