Ultimate Cinavia Guide: The protection that refuses to be silenced



I was just looking at a preview of a film called “The meddler” 2015 on the “IMB” website and I think that may be an infected with the big C one as it is a “Sony classic”


All I can say is this program works. I bought it a few days ago and have used it on 5 movies so far and it took Cinavia right out. I’ve played them and notice no degradation of audio. Dunno why so many people seem to skeptical about this program without even trying it. DVDFab is the only other program offers similar Cinavia removal (DVDFAb probably stole it from them) and it’s more expensive and doesn’t have nearly the database that CinexHD has. I don’t burn that many DVDs anymore but when I do it for a Cinavia protected movie, this program does the trick for me. There are two options to use, one that doesn’t use a database and will mask Cinavia so the player chip doesn’t pick it up but there is a chance of some audio issues. The other is using the Database and this one removes Cinavia, not just cover it up, with no audio issues that I’ve noticed so far.


What DVD players that has a usb stick that will not detect this? I had an LG but no loner have it so I need a newer player.


Only Blu-ray players detect Cinavia so any dedicated DVD player with a USB facility will provide what you need.

The exact models available differ depending on which country you’re in but if you search for “DVD player with USB port” in Google you’ll find some to choose from.


So which is the best program to completely remove this protection without loosing any of the sound quality of the source disc?