Ulead2 problems - crashing



Hope it’s okay to post this here as there was another Ulead thread and it’s once I’ve recorded something to DVD and converted it to a DVD-compliant MPG.

Sometimes after creating a menu and getting to the point where Ulead creates all the necessary VOBs, it crashes out at about 1min 08secs. I found in those cases that by reducing the repeat rate for music (a short mp3 file) on the menu from ‘infinite’ to ‘1’ solved this, but then on another DVD with NO music, I’d reduced the windows I needed to one and then made that window larger.

It crashed out without warning at about the same point and only by reducing it to its original size did it start to behave.

Anyone know why it does this? It’s driving me up the wall and I don’t know whether all the effort of making a menu will have gone to waste until a minute or so in! :frowning: