Ulead vs Nero

When I import a video file to burn to DVD ( approx 700 to 800 mb ), Nero will compress it a bit more so it will fit on a 4.7. Is there anywhere in Ulead DVDMF5 PLus to do that? I put the same file in Ulead and it is too big to burn to disc


Welome to forum z28summit. Dont get it. 7-800mb & compressed with recode to 4.7
Dont make sense. Give more input pal.

Something wrong with your figures there, 700MB will fit on a CDR, no need to compress.

You know, when I get confused by all the new features, sometimes I just stick with what I know. So, I export it to a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive and then use DVD Shrink to make it fit on a 4.7.

Then once I get it done and working, I read the online help and manual until I figure out how to do it in DVD MovieFactory 5. :slight_smile:

Might be a temporary solution.

I will try to research the answer though.

Edit - It says on their web site that DVD Copy 4 is what handles the shrinking. That comes with the PLUS version and not the standard version, which is what I have. Here’s a comparison chart:

So, if you have the Plus version and have DVD Copy 4 installed, it should do what you need it to do, I would think.

Good luck.

700 MB will fit on a CDR as a data file; same as a DVD… as a data file.