Ulead VideoStudio 11 Help needed

I am newbie to this tool. I am stuck on one thing. When you go to VideoStudio Editor then open your video. I am running the Multi-trim Video. Using the Ad-Zapper which is really kewl. Then on the bottom it has the letter C and P in all the frames. I deleted all the C “Commercials” very nice… then I have all these Program pieces left. You can even play the trimmed video etc… but as soon as I click OK to go back to the Edit area. I am lost at that point because I do not know how to bring the pieces back together and then be able to save the trimmed pieces. I do see the 1st clip and it saves but does not bring the rest together I know I am just missing this step any help appreciated. The only thing I found is that in the Multi-trim video screen at the bottom there is suppost to be a arrow pointing left that brings them together but all I have is the X to delete the clips I do not want. What am I missing. Any help appreciated! Thanks…:eek: