Ulead VideoStudio 10 and MJPEG?

I need a good video editing software and see a lot of nice things being said about Ulead Video Studio 10. I am a fan of Ulead so I am leaning towords this. My hesitation is based on this little CODEC I seem to lack called MJPEG.
I have a Casio z1000 camera that takes videos in an .avi format using this codec however the ‘free’ Windows Movie Maker I have been using for a while wont accept the videos and crashes. I have tried to get this CODEC by downloading ffdshow (its listed in there but is not recognized in my system by Videoinspector OR WMM)
I need a better video editor anyway so my question here is, will ULEAD Video Studio 10 handle these .avi files with this MJPEG CODEC?
This is a nice camera but not being able to edit the videos is frustrating. :doh:

Take a look at VirtualDub. It is supposed to be able to handle those.

thank you