Ulead Video Studio 5



I downloaded the full edition of Ulead Video Studio 5, but when I want to install the prog it asks for a registration number. Does someone has one, or know where I can find one?
(Yes, I searched astalavista etc…)

Many thanks!!!


well just open the *.nfo file in notepad and there’s the number :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm I wish it was that simple. Unfortunately they didn’t include any info / nfo file.
If you have the nfo file, RMX can you please send it to me? I would appreciate that very much!!


I dont know if this helps, but the ver. i have (6) does, and doesnt require one…it says to put one in–but you just need to type anything in i.e. i put “d583kala” and it installed just fine—since it doesnt like my generic wjpg avi’s, i uninstalled it. ; )


IF I have one. Search for a crack at: http://astalavista.box.sk


Check your PM

Greetz, Phrozeman


Snoopy is very happy.
Thanks for your help!!