Ulead video studio 11



hey… I’m a newbie here! i just downloaded Ulead video studio 11 & tried to make a video using some photos i got.
but the final result video was blurry & pixalated.:frowning:
The tutorials show the final video in perfect condition. but when i try it isn’t!!!:confused:
Is there any solution for that?


Welcome to the forums jay92.

I’ve never used this particular software, so I’m afraid I haven’t any help. Someone else with experience might stop by, but this is an older program that isn’t supported any more.

You might want to try a free alternative called DVDSlideshow GUI: http://www.videohelp.com/tools/DVD-slideshow-GUI This program is still being developed and the latest version was released last month.

There are links on that page to tutorials on how to use the program also.


What is the resolution of your photos. A low resolution photo just viewed full screen on a 23" screen can look grainy. I used to use studio 11 and didnt have any quality issues.