Ulead video studio 11 and Canon HG10



Hi, I just recently purchased a Canon HG10 which was bundled with the Ulead video studio se. I couldn’t get it to work, the video was jumpy. so I downloaded the free trial version of Ulead video studio 11
the problem I’m having is that it will not let me capture off the hg10, it simply won’t recognize the camera.
When I try to open the already saved video clips from my computer, I am not able to open them. can someone help me please, Corel has vertually no tech support, and they want me to buy this product?

I am currently capturing the video files with Corel Menu guide and they are saved in the M2st format

what do I need to do so ULEAd video studio 11 can read them and / or my HG10?

my OS is XP
Pentium4 3 ghz
1 g of ramd
186 gb free
thanks for your help, pulling out my hair after 10 days at this


Generally with video cams and software, there are specific instructions on what to install, where, and in what order. You have to do everything, exactly as they say, or many times it will not work. I know with my camera, and ulead, it is better for me to plug in the camera, turn it on, and then a list of programs (including ulead), come up, and it allows me to select how I want to capture. That is what works for me. Make sure that you read all instructions that came with your camera regarding installion and capture…