Ulead PictureShow 2

I have just download the trial version of Ulead PictureShow 2, but when I try to burn, it just exits…is anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone know how to fix this problem?

uhmmm…usually when i’m having problem with the trial…i will run my registry cleaner to clean up the uncessary stuff and reboot my system…it should work fine after that…but at time it may not…reinstalling is the best solution :smiley: …no harm anyway it just a trial version

I had a similar problem with Memeories to TV, a much more advance Photo Slide show program. It has an option to use Nero drivers, instead of it’s own. Ticking that box solved my problem. Of course you may need to download the Nero trial as well. If you do download nero, it contains a program called Vision Express, that is better than Ulead picture show, but not as good as Memories to TV.

You can also try (free trial download) Pinnacle Instant Photo album, which has a very nice user interface.

Are you burning to DVD (they work great for photos) or VCD (limited quality, and compatibility issues)