Ulead DVDMF - Menu Backgrounds

Can these be customised, and if so, how? I like some of the backgrounds, but would like to change the window sizes if possible (e.g. where there are one big and two smaller windows, I’d like three same-sized ones, if that makes sense)


You can customise the DVDMF menus using Ulead’s PhotoImpact, and there’s an independent on-line tutorial showing you the basics here.

Loob started a thread on this before the old forum went down…


You can customise with PhotoImpact, but the results aren’t always what you expect, and it’s “quirky”. If you want to achieve something specific which is similar to one of the preconfigured MF3DC templates, I suggest you import the “nearest” template into PhotoImpact and modify accordingly.

You soon find out that there are items inthe layout that you don’t think you need, that you do need (for it to work), and it’s safer just to move stuff around than delete it if possible.


Excellent! Thanks - I’ve already got PhotoImpact, so that’s handy!