Ulead DVD MovieFactory: adjust burn speed?

Can some one with this program please let me know how you can mess with the burning speed option? I cannot find it any where. Ive made three burns with this program so far; the first one burned at 2x, the second one burn at 8x, and the third one is currently processing. I really like this program but cant figure this out!

EDIT: My third burn is Writing at 8.0x as well… :sad:

It’s quite well hidden. :wink:

In the final dialogue box where you set the project to burn, there is an icon with a disc with an ‘i’ on it. Click and the burn speed window opens…

LOL I just came back to report that I figured this out, and was quite dumbfounded…

But Thank you for your help nonetheless!

OK good that you got it sorted.

It’s a rather idiotic place for Ulead to put such an adjustment, seeing as most people rightly think of an ‘i’ as ‘Info’ and not ‘Settings’ as such.