Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2

Just messin with Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 and the ‘import DVD video’ function. It looks to be an easy way to import a ripped and converted DVD ‘movie only’ and add a custom menu. Not had chance to fully test yet, but has anyone else tried it? :slight_smile:

Yes, it does work but it will not import the ac3 audio. You have to rip the audio out of the vob first, then use the “replace audio” feature to use the ripped audio wav file to add it back in.

It will then re-encode the movie. It is a neat way to get a menu in but I have only used it for making a disc of just the extras so I had a menu to select from.

Hmmm! Maybe a failed idea then! I wonder if DVD Workshop with the new AC-3 plugin would work then?!

It should but isn’t it like a $200 add-on?



Existing DVD Workshop users can download the AC-3 PowerPack for $199 at www.ulead.com. The full box version and electronic download of DVD Workshop AC-3 are available for $495 and $475 respectively

Hmmm, is a bit pricey but also DVDWS dosen’t support VOB import by the look of it. Can’t underdstand it - a $50 program with a better feature than the ‘pro’ version!