UKDVDR - Alexa

Customers of UKDVDR who subscribe to their news mailings will have been informed that the company is “now the NUMBER 1 rated UK media distributor as rated by the premier web traffic monitoring system ALEXA (a division of Amazon).”
This is a great achievement and they are to be congratulated.
BUT UKDVDR also invites its customers to download the Alexa Toolbar so that customers can further monitor the company’s progress. No bad thing, the customer might think. Probably not, but what UKDVDR does not inform its customers is about other potential spyware activities of the Alexa Toolbar.
More info is widely available; is a good starting point. :confused:

I do not pay heed to statistical bullocks much of the time - many of us that but on-line regularly use svp and blankshop - who are these people anyway :slight_smile:

You can go to and take a look. I have found their goods to be competitively priced and the service very good; on those two counts I recommend them - I just don’t like the recommendation to Alexa.

I’ve ordered from UKDVDR once. Service was good. I’ve ordered many times from and in my experience they are superior. 99% of the time I’ve received next day delivery, and recently when I brought a faulty drive from them they collected it and refunded me instantly.

Bottom line, they both seem good, very similar prices too. Be sure to grab the Fuji 8x DVD-R off them people - a snip at £7.99 for 25 :slight_smile:

UKDVDR have always been proud of their ranking. It means nothing? To them it does (obviously). According to one of my suppliers they send out over 2000 packages a day! Quite impressive. But why the hell do they need to get people to download a bloody toolbar when customer service and pricing should speak for themselves!!!